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Protect the environment
The company takes scientific and technological transformation as the forerunner, and creates green, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development enterprises. As a positive response to the national "12th Five-Year" environmental planning, the company actively planning energy-saving emission reduction projects, and won the "Taizhou energy metering demonstration unit", not only create the conditions for sustainable development of the enterprise, but also to the progress of science and technology, energy saving and environmental protection. The exemplary role for local enterprises。
Save resources
We should always cherish the limited resources, refuse to waste, and refuse to be inefficient.
Safety health
The safety and health of employees are the foundation of our enterprise. We constantly improve the safety system, health strategy and safeguard measures, and use pollution free or low pollution equipment to do our best to protect the safety and health of employees.
Work environment
Clean and tidy work environment can bring enthusiasm to employees. We adopt hotel style cleaning management system to refuse dirty, messy and bad working environment.