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The 11th China international rail transit exhibition 2016

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2016/06/17 17:59
  On June 14-16, 2016, the 11th China international rail transit exhibition and the 9th China international tunnel and underground engineering exhibition were held at the Shanghai new international expo center. Zhejiang Tiantie Industry Co., Ltd., led by the sales manager, has a team of elite soldiers to participate in the exhibition with excellent enterprises at home and abroad to exchange with each other.
  Founded in 2002, the China international exhibition on Rail transportation (Metro Rail + China), and founded in 2004, China international exhibition of Tunnel and underground engineering technology (Tunnel China), is China and the asia-pacific region professional coverage of railway and urban Rail transit and brand exhibition in the field of Tunnel engineering.
A three-day exhibition organizers, combination of railway and rail transit industry hotspot, exhibitions, seminars, topics involve: "One Belt And One Road" rail transit development and cooperation, develop large data of urban rail transit, rail transit investment and financing of the PPP mode and TOD mode, rail transit train control system (CBTC), trams and diversification of traffic, rail transit operation management, security, damping noise reduction material, tunnel and underground project construction technology, technology innovation, rich in content, keep up with industry trends.