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The company's isolated rubber damping pad has been widely used in high-speed rail, inter city railway, light rail, subway and other rail transportation lines. Rubber crossing plate and rubber flange groove series products are widely used in railway, urban rail transit, metallurgy, mining and other fields.



Isolated rubber company is the production of a new type of ballast track vibration products, the product is made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and the use of international standards of production, has the characteristics of low frequency, long service life, has been widely used in the domestic high-speed railway, city rail transit project.

Rail transit: urban rail transit, high-speed railway, inter city railway, heavy haul railway, universal speed railway, tram;
Auto parts: sealing products, vibration damping products;
Industrial transportation systems: coal, mines, ports, metallurgy, power, chemicals.



The company has always focused on innovation, closely tracking the latest development direction of railway engineering rubber products technology, and gradually determine the rail vibration and noise control structure of the company for the development direction of technology, strengthen new product research and promotion of new technologies, enhance the competitiveness of the core enterprises.


Zhejiang Tiantie industry Limited by Share Ltd's products are mainly supplied to Chinese iron and Chinese railway subordinate units, the large Steel Corp, Railway Bureau, the products are widely used in city rail transportation, high-speed railway track traffic field.